DXCC # 178: EF9LZ (Ceuta & Melilla)

X-Team DH7FB & DF2ZC QRV from EA9 Ceuta. They are started operation on 2 M band today.

The line from N0UK EME chat:
15 Mar14:45 EF9LZ IM75  CQ 144.114 -EF9LZ- tx 1st .
We are started to call themes, but few minutes later we saw another spot in the chat :
15 Mar 14:54EF9LZ IM75  hmmm….s7 noise bursts here… 
And it was the real problem: they could not hear no one, just sending CQ,CQ, CQ… I spent around 30 minutes, before understood, that much better to stop and wait for better conditions. Also I need to do some home job.
4 hours later I came back to the shack and had a look on MAP65’s screen. Yes!! Еhey are worked one station after another! Seems, conditions improved! I called and EF9LZ answered just after my first call. Easy QSO, new DXCC and new grid

Expedition’s log is here.
Next target – 70 cm EME QSO with EF9LZ. Very hope for good conditions!


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NAC-432 (March 12, 2019)

Poor tropo, but good activity! Finally 33 QSO, 24 grids, 4 fields, 11 DXCC. Best ODX 754 km (SM6VTZ, JO58UJ). 5 QSO with a distance over 600 km. Mainly aircraft scatter QSOs… Thanks for AirScout software!
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NAC-1296 (Feb.19, 2019)

13 QSO, 10 grid, 5 DXCC. Best ODX 583 (SM7LCB)

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Good tropo

Only one QSO on 23 cm. But new DXCC. RA2FGG at 0915 utc. No aircraft scatter at all. Pure TROPO! 539/559 on the both ends.
RA2FGG setup: 1×50 el. DG7YBN and abt. 100 W. From my side: 2×55 el. F9FT and abt. 100 W too.
Thank you, Aleksandr!

Forecast for February, 16t
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NAC-432 (Feb.12, 2019)

Short statistic: 22 QSO, 17 grid squares, 10 dxcc, best ODX 754 km (SM6VTZ).
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NAC-1296, January-2019


16 QSO, 11 grids, 4 fields, 5 DXCC (ES, LY, OH, SM, UA.
ODX 583 km (SM7LCB). Poor tropo, mainly aircraft scatter QSOs.

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My first in a 2019 participation in NAC. Propagation is moderate. 19th QSO, most with a Aircraft Scatter helping.
Best ODX 615 km (R1NW).
15 grid squares
4 fields

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Year 2018 activity statistic

Total  (HF + VHF) – 1058 QSO.
Activity on all bands (HF + VHF) by modes ( percentage):
CW – 34.7%, Digital – 60.75%, Phone – 4.49%.
Below is shown my 2018 year activity, relatively to 2017 and 2016 years:

More detailed statistic on VUSHF bands (50, 144, 432, 1296 MHz)
Total QSO: 520. Including:
EME: 351 QSO. (Initials: 2M – 138, 70 CM – 20),
Tropo: 129 QSO,
Meteor Scatter: 38 QSO.
Surprisingly, but not one Aurora’s QSO in passed year.  Although we had several strong openings. No interest? Have not been in the shack? Hard to explain even to yourself….

This year, Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary. Estonian HAMs were active in the air with 15th different callsigns from 1st of February untill 31st of March. More info is here. All together we made 162395 QSO on different bands and different modes.
I took part in the team ES100F. And my personal contribution in this amount is 1637 QSO. Only CW.
Thus, my summary activity in 2018 is 2695 QSO.

EME-2018 statistic
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NAC 23 cm

The regular 23 cm NAC.  Worked only CW about 2 hours (of 4 possible), just for fun.
14th QSO, 11 grids, 4 fields, 5DXCC. Maximum QRB 520 km (SM3BEI).
Antenna 2×55 el. F9FT, AGL 6 meter.

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Tropo on November 6, 2018

144 MHz.
41 QSO, 30 Grid squares, 3 Grid fields, 11 countries.
Best ODX – UT8AL

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