EME expedition to Surinam

DL2NUD (Hermann) and DL4WO (Wolfgang) now in Surinam and active as PZ5EME and PZ5UD (Nickname “GolfTeam” !!). They started on 26th of November and continued till 8th of December.  Great intention to be on 144/432/1296/2320 and 3400 Mhz! Exact schedule and much more is here.
On first day (27th of Nov) I  was absolutely unlucky! The Faraday rotation was so fast, that I can see sometimes only a half or a quarter of trace in every period. I spent over 3 hours to call them without success and finally, then I lost trace for a few periods, they wrote in N0UK EME chat, that they “did not got answer from me”… Pity!

On the next day, (28th) I was waited for GolfTeam. They were started around 1515 UTC and I was first, to whom they answered! QSO was quick and easy. So, New DXCC (#141) and new grid square (#855).
They wrote in the chat:

15:24 PZ5EME/GOLFTEAM/Wolf    ES3RF TNX QSO 73 from PARAMARIBO! best-23
Of course, I was happy!
Unfortunately, I will be away on 30th of November, so can not QRV on 70 cm. Only this date they are on 70 cm! Although they have a very dense schedule, I am hope they will return to 70 cm later.


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