Meteor shower Perseids 2015

Annual and one of the most popular meteor showers, the Perseids. According to IMO,  the maximum in 2015 is expected to occur on August 13, most likely around 06h30m to 09h00m UT, with ZHR = 100 hr-1.
In my opinion, the maximum become, as predicted. Some QSO (OE6IWG, G4SWX, PA5KT, PA2CHR and others) were completed in 1,5 – 2.0 minutes!
As a result of my very minor activity, were 53 completed QSOs, 26 new MS initials,   but only one new grid-square (EI9E, IO43XW).
Best ODX 2187 km (EI9E) on 144 and 70  Mhz.

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