New DXCC: Majuro Is. (OC-029), V73EME, Marshall Islands

Mr Keizo (Kay) Sanao, IH3AZC with a group of other Japanise HAMs taken a DX-pedition v73eme_3 to Majur o Island. This is a new country for many of EME-ers!
He started as a V73EME on September, 24th. Time for his expedition was not the best due to a very s hort common window for Europe and Marshall Islands. First day it was only 30 minutes! In additional, something was wrong with his antenna. With power 800 W, even UA3PTW have seen his signal at -29 db! Same situation was on the next days…
But later Kay found a fault. Exactly at the date of full moon eclipse! And he got a real pile-up! After that was not a problem to work with him and get a new DXCC (#149).  Thank You, Kay-san!
v73eme_2     v73eme

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