DXCC #151 on 144 Mhz EME

Peter (DL1RPL) with his son Soeren (DL3RKS) are organized an EME expedition to the island Mayotte and they are active, as FH/DL1RPL from 20 til 25 of November on 144 and 432 Mhz. Full story, including blog, pictures and operational log is here.
They are started, as planned, and got a great pile-up. For me was necessary to wait, until Moon will rise at least on 8 degrees above horizon from that azimuth. Than QSO was easy: after fh_dl1rpl3rd attempt I’ve got answer. Peter have had -21 db signal at that moment, although before and after my QSO were very deep QSB.
This is my DXCC #151 and grid square #888 on 144 MHz.
Not sure, if I can work with Peter on 432 Mhz, but will try.

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