DXCC # 155 – Aruba

Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the southerp40mb_qthn Carribbean Sea. Dithmar, DF7KF and Angelo, DM1AC made a 6 days expedition there. The call sign is P40MB from locator FK42XO. They have intention to operate Moon Bounce on 144 and 432 Mhz.


p40mb_2I was happy to may quck QSO in thr first operation day. P40MB signal was very strong: the best, I have seen, -18 db.  In my  QSO (#12 in thelist – less, than 1 hour calling in pile-up) they were -22 db. I’ve got -21 db.


Team was promised to QRV on 70 cm EME on the next weekend. I.e. 7th and 8th of May. Let’s see..


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