DXCC # 159 on 2M EME. S9YY (St. Tome & Principe Isl.)

Group of German radio amateurs – DL1RPL, DL3RKS, DL1AWD, DL1AOB, DG5AA, DL6KVA, DJ5IW and DK8YY- made a big DXpedition to a Sao Tome and Principe Isl (S9). The call sign is S9YY. They are very active on all HF bands. But most importing for me is their EME activity on 144 and 432 Mhz. This is managed by Peter, DL1RPL.
He using 2x8XP yagi and Big Tajfun 1000 PA on 2m band and 2xEF7017 yagi and 400W SSPA on 70 cm band.
I was happs9yy_2y to work with Peter (DL1RPL) on the 2nd day of his activity on 144 mhz. His signal was excellent, but very quick Faraday rotation. So I had to wait, until can get his trace decoded on my screen. But than was no problem to complete QSO.
S9YY 144 Mhz EME log is here.
Next target – QSO on 70 cm. He attempted to QRV on 14th and 22nd of October. Let’s see…
YES! 14th of October, the S9YY QSO was completed on 432 Mhz too! Peter was not as good, as on 144 Mhz. Sure, I have a big problem on my RX. Of course, Peter has less ERP on 70 cm too, but, any way, he was at my screen on -30 to -28 db, but he heard me at -25db.
S9YY 432 Mhz EME log is here.


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