DXCC #160 on 144 Mhz EME: XT2AFT (Burkina Faso)

New expedition of Hermann, DL2NUD, to Burkina Faso, was marred by a serious illness, as a result of which he was in the hospital for several days. Thus, unfortunately, some of planned activity was canceled. Practically, he could only work one moon pass, 23 rd of October on 144 Mhz.

The XT2AFT’s setup was, as follows:xt2aft_ant
144: 17 el. yagi M2, 350W, peamp
432: 38 el. yagi M2, 450W, preamp
1296: 55 el. yagi, 270W, preamp
2320: 67 el. yagi, 100W, preamp.

After hospital, Hermann worked only on on 144 Mhz during 23rd and partly 24th of October. Totally 77 QSO. I was lucky to complete QSO on 2M on 23rd of Oct. at 0238 utc. With report -25/-26 db.
Thank you, Hermann!


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