My DXCC # 161 on 2m: E44CM (Palestine)


PA2CHR (Chris) and PA3FYC (Jos) made another expedition to rare DXCC country – Palestine – between 15 and 25 of November. Bands 144 and 432 Mhz. Operation on EME and MS/Tropo.    They are started, as E44CM on 15-th from EME on 144.136 Mhz, JT65B mode. Bad QRG for me, because have strong noise and “birdies”on low elevation angles from the azimuth between 110 and 135 degrees.  It was hard from the beginning, but finally E44CM’s signal become stronger and increased noise and birdies level. We completed QSO at 19:35, when elevation angle was over 13 degrees.
Next task – 432 Mhz. They will work on 70 cm during only one moon pass 19-20 of November. Let’s see…
e44cm_432… was easy! On 19th of November I was number seven, whom they answered with report -26 db at 21:22 utc. So, new DXCC on both band. Good deal!
Great job from Chris and Jos. During this expedition they made 336 initial EME QSO’s on 2 mtr. and 40 QSO’s on 70cm. Some pictures and EME log is here.

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