EME DXPedition 3DA0MB

From 13 to 18 of October DXPedition 3DA0EME will QRV from Swaziland on 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3cm. Great choice, but as far, as I can operate EME only on 2M and 70cm, these two bands are most interesting for me. On 2M they have 4×9 el. H-pol, and on 70 cm 2×28 M2 yagi.

It was hard for me to complete Polarity offset, during first 4 hours was changed from -875 degrees! Sometimes I can see theirs trace only V-pol, sometimes H-pol.  I spent nearly 5 hours, before QSO was complete. They answered me one time, but did not get RO from me. So, I continued to call and was happy to get OOO again. This time we completed very quick!

Unfortunately, I even did not saw trace on 70 cm. So, only one band yet, but hope for 70 cm too.

Yes!! This morning was very easy QSO with 3DA0MB on 432.090. They answered me from my first call. His signal was -21 db, I;ve got -26 db.

Thus, I’ve got DXCC No. 167 (grid # 980) on 2M band and DXCC No. 52 (Grid #213) on 70 cm.

Thanks, Team!

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