Two DX-pedition in the air at the same time

Great event: the lunatics are happy! Z66EME and 3B8MB ( Rep. of Kosovo and Mauritius Island) in the air. I made a one time screen shot from my MAP65 software.
Both station are loud today. And both stations have  had a problems from the beginning of operation/ But seems all is solved now.
Z66EME was a new DXCC and new grid square for me. And Mauritius I worked before (in 2011). This expedition was situated in a new grid LH80TA and it was a new for me.

It was not a problem to complete QSO with both stations. I the pile-up very important to find clear place on the band around central frequency. Just look at the MAP65 and take attention regarding to doppler shift. If all is done correct, then you have much more chance to be heard by the DX station.

Thus, my DXCC score on 144 MHz was increased to 175 countries and grid square score to 998. Two more grids – and I will celebrate 1000 grids on 2 M band. Hope it will happens soon.

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