Mozambique in the air. C8T 2-15 May, 2018

The Belgian Lions DX-Team (OT8T) are announced for a DXpedition to Mozambique during 2-15 May 2018. All HF-band and 144 MHz EME with 2X11 el. H-pol antenna and 1,2 Kw SSPA.
I am not so much interesting in HF. Just will look and if hear on some bands, than will try to call. Mozabique is confirmed on 40, 20, 15 and 10 M bands. So, just interest…
   Another deal on 144 MHz. It’s a new DXCC for me. And I tried…
6th of May. QSO was not easy. It lasts for 16 minutes! I think, the reason was in a very special conditions on the Earf-Moon-Earth trace between Estonia and Mozambique on these days.
The spatial offset and Faraday rotation did their “black work” very amicably
. Look on the table. There we can see, that the spatial offset was changed to the opposite just during our QSO.
After 0244 utc I have seen C8T only in vertical polarization.
Another reason, should be, why Marc hear us so bad – big QRM from HF station, which antennas situated on a few meters from Marc’s 2×11 elements stack.

QSO complete. Marc informed me via N0UK chat, that my best signal level was -22 db… Such a situation often arises when QSO with southern Africa.
Any way, I am happy to get DXCC # 176 and grid # 999.
Thanks for the patience, Marc!

7th of May. Polarity offset -04 deg, Degradation -4.1 (-4.5 yesterday). First call (as ES1RF) to C8T and immediately answer. Just 3 minutes for QSO! So different conditions…
C8T was heard up to -16 on this morning.

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