New DXCC: TR8CA (Gabon)

In the end of August I found in EME chat a new callsign – TR8CA, whom I worked in year 2001 via satellite AO-10, and later on many HF bands on CW, RTTY and SSB. Sure. it was surprise for me! But at these days Alain started his EME tests to late for me: the moon was already below horizon. But 29th of August I saw his trace for the first time! He started every morning from 05:00 utc during approximately 1 hour. I called him many-many times without success. And his signal was up to -22 db, so I could not understand, why he did not hear me? Alain answered to others, not often, but answered to some “Big Guns”, like I2FAK, UA3PTW, RX1AS ….. With my power over 1KW at the splitter and 21 db antenna gain… I was completely frustrated…. Let say, I spend around 5 hours on next 4 days to call TR8CA! But today, the 1st of September this dramatic story was finished: we completed  our first EME QSO! 
I was so glad, that instead of taking a screenshot, I accidentally deleted the interface itself!
Thanks to Alain: he was nice and sent me his  screenshot.

Thus I’ve got DXCC # 177 and grid square #1018!
Thank you, Alain!
This QSO confirmed by QSL card and via LOtW.

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