YL100 – Latvia 100 years

On 18 November 2018 Latvia will celebrate its centenary.
Radio amateurs in Latvia from November 1st to 18th, 2018 will activate special callsigns with prefix YL100 to commemorate this event.
5 different callsigns are used with YL100 prefix – one from each of 4 Latvia’s historical regions and one from the capital city – Riga: YL100K, YL100L, YL100R, YL100V, YL100Z.
3 kind of  Awards are possible for QSOs with a special callsigns during these 18 days.
Here is my first one, the simplest, 3rd class Award. Second one – 2nd class


Last target – 1st class Award,  for contacting each of the 5 different YL100 callsigns at least on 4 different bands. More or less it is real on 160. 80 and 40 meter bands. Hard, but possible on 30 meter band. Because we are too  close in distance to Latvia, so so called “death zone” make nearly impossible for QSO on 40 and above HF bands.
But!  hope it will be possible on VHF bands, including EME.
And it was possible! During NAC-144 (06.11.18), all 5 calls were presented. Award rules are here.
Let’s see….
14th of November. Final target is achieved: “Latvia 100 award 1st class” is completed!
Not easy, because bands, higher, than 30 meter band, are in the “death zone”. So, VHF bands are helped me very much! Look at the matrix below.

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