W7D. Rare grids DX-pedition

Wyatt (AC0RA) and Dave (KG5CCI) as a W7D team made a great
DX-pedition to activate rare grid squares on 6m, 2m EME, 2m Meteor Scatter, and AMSAT. For me the main interest, of course, the EME part of this expedition.

Picture is the courtesy of W7D Team

So, chance to get at least 5 new grids. And I tried!
First the Team’s stop was in DN20. This QSO was quick and easy. But I did not made a screen shot of this contact.
Second stop in DN10 grid. Also quick enough QSO:

Third stop in DM18. This night was totally bad for me. Local noise increase +10 db from azimuth 250 – 300 degrees: exact direction to the Moon, then it has low elevation angle (12 degrees and lower). So, I missed this grid.

Fourth stop on DM38 grid. Not quick, but I did it. They were really strong:

The last stop in DM47 was a real nightmare for me. Very strong and continued thunderstorm made job in the air nearly impossible. First of all, the lightening area was exactly on the Moon direction. Let’s say, between me and the Moon, like a screen. Additionally, lightning flashes prevented the decode signal JT65b even when I saw one. And the last problem – the common window was short. Only 1 hour and 50 minutes… Fortunately, when the moon was only around 2 degrees above the horizon, the thunderstorm subsided a bit and I finally saw the signal weak but decoded. And they are answered immediately

So, 4 grid squares for 5 expected. Not bad!

The Team’s trip continued, but no more EME operation, Only Rover and terrestrial operation. Anyway, we have no common EME window in a few next days.
Thanks for Wyatt and Dave for this great expedition. More information is here, including some pictures.

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