UHF/SHF DX-pedition to Zone #2

All of us knows, how hard to get Zone Nr.2 for WAZ Award. Even on HF bands. And this is absolutely rare Zone and grid square for VHF and UP bands.
So, Peter (VA3ELE) together with Rene (VE2TWO) made a great EME expedition to the Zone #2 on 432 and 1296 MHz from 39 of June to 7th of July.
I was very happy to work with VE2TWO (grid FO60TE) on 1st of July. Firstly on 23 cm and later on 70 cm. They used 1.8 diameter dish and SSPA on 23 cm and 2×28 V-pol. antenna/350W PA on 70 cm. Condition on these days are not the best for EME/ Because of the Sun and the Moon are very close to each other (new Moon on 2nd July). Peter sent the picture to HB9Q EME chat to show his antenna position. But, by the way, we all have had the same problems with sun noise.

VE2TWO 70 antenna (courtesy of VA3ELE)

Any way, I worked on both bands. Easy on 23 cm and hard on 70 cm. So Zone Nr.2 and rare grid on my log now.
Thanks to Peter and Rene!

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