Starting EME on 23 cm.

My current setup:

– Transceiver FT-736
– DB6NT SSPA 250W (in the shack),
-12 m of 7/8″ + 2m of 1/2″ coaxial TX line
– 15 m of Flex-2000 coaxial RX line,
– VE4MA feed
– 3 m diameter solid dish

The 1st of August, 2019 I will celebrate, as the first day of my regular Moon Bounce operation on 23 cm. There were several attempts before with a temporary installation of LNA, PA and controller. Always I’ve got some serious issues, but finally all working nearly well now. Although, one more I must to do: my SSPA need to be installed as close, as possible to the dish feed. Now it in the shack and 12 meters of 7/8″ coaxial between PA and the VE4MA feed. Plus 2 meters of 1/2″ jumper. But, any way, all is working. I hear all and all hear me!
So, in 4 days I made 41 QSO with 23 DXCC and 35 grid squares! WAC Award 23 cm during the weekend. Not bad!



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