EME QSO with 18 meter dish on on 23 cm

Info from Paul Andrews (W2HRO) on Facebook (Eart Moon Earth (EME) Radio Communications group):
“On Friday, Dec 6, 2019, I’m going to the (www.n2mo.org) EME Site (https://www.projectdiana-eme.com/) to help activate the 18m dish on 1296 MHz. This is my first visit and I’m bringing equipment to run WSJT JT65C. We hope to be QRV soon after local moonrise (3 pm ET) in Belmar, NJ. This should be fun. We will also have CW and SSB”.
Of course it was interesting to hear signal from 18 meter diameter dish and tried QSO. And it was easy! Just wait, than some “Very Big Guns” completed QSO with Dan (K2QM). Interesting story regarding to DIANA Project can be read on links above.

The dish is beautiful!

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