Year 2019 statistic

Total 1453 QSO on HF and VHF bands.
560 QSO on HF and 893 QSO on VHF and up.
A bit bigger than last year. Less CW, but more digital QSO.
Why? Because if you want to find new stations, you should find themes on FT8, unfortunately… Very often, seems, no propagation and band is totally empty on CW and SSB segments. But FT8 frequency is always alive!


But, for sure, the most important year’s event was my start on 23 cm EME.
3 meter solid dish with VE4MA feed + G4DDK LNA. Separate TX/RX lines. TX line is a 16 meters of 7/8″ coaxial + 3 meter 1/2″ flexible jumper.
I started with 500W SSPA in the shack, but for an unexplained reason 2 of 4 transistors were burned after first 2 QSOs. I replaced damaged PA by MKU-13200-A and was surprised, that even stations with 4 long yagis can hear me! Now I successfully using this setup during last 5 months. And looking for possibility to repair burned PA.
All results of my VHF and UP activity are here.



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