FJ/WW2DX- St Barthelemy island. New DXCC # 185 on 144 MHz.

WW2DX, Lee, and the group of HF enthusiasts made a nice trip to a rare country. Set of equipment for HF bands (160 to 6 m) and active the rare country on 2M EME. From 15th to 22nd of February are the most worse EME conditions in the month. And it was true. Plus huge wind in me place! I was seriously worried about my antenna farm. Moon was very low above horizon on these days (maximum 7 degrees) and big signal degradation (up to -11!!). And common window was short:  1 hour 40 minutes on the beginning and 2.5 hour at the end of expedition. Let’s say, I spent 4.5 moon passes before got FJ/WW2DX to my log! More info on the Lee’s blog here
And below is a shot screen from my computer (MAP65 interface).

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