Year 2020 review and statistic.

I don’t know why, but for almost a year I haven’t updated my page.
While many interesting events have taken place, I would like to highlight a few of them.
Of course, this is only about amateur radio.
So, first of all, these are year statistics.

Total (HF + VHF and UP):  2654 QSO,
VHF (50, 144, 432 and 1296 MHz) terrestrial + EME:  912 QSO,
Satellite (QO-100) : 530 QSO.

 “DXCC Progress Report 32-Dec-2020” from my DSKeeper logging software:

           Mix Ph CW  DIG  160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m 2m
Wkd: 311  210  289  234    125      148     191     187    219     196   206  176    203  116   187
Cfm:  296  179   267  225   110      128     158    157     190     167   187   141    166  101    185

Yes, I decided to back to satellite, especially  to QO-100.
So much talking about this satellite! And I ordered all necessary converters, LNB and PA from DXPatrol (CT1FFU). Antenna  – 1.5 meter prime focus dish with dual band feed. Other detail of my setup on the pictures are here.

dual band feed

QO-100 dish

Easy and Quck decision.

I started on QO-100 on March, 2020 and was very satisfied of a big pile-up! Probably, not many stations from Estonia, espesially from KO29 were before on satellite. But after about 10 days the pile-up passed and normal work began. And ffter about half a year, working via this satellite became so routine and uninteresting that I stopped (hopefully temporarily) to work via this satellite. 530 QSO, 56 new grids (797 total via SAT) and 9 new DXCC (total 128 via SAT). 
Рowever, if ещ count only ещ QO-100, then total worked 63 DXCC and 226 squares .
Not bad!
I think, I will be back on QO-100 soon. As a target – to get 150 confirmed DXCC via satellites and get lapel to my DXCC Satellite Award.
After all, my main goal was to investigate the 13 and 3 cm bands for  EME on these bands. 
Unfortunately, not so much knowledge I’ve got…

Also, in 2020 I intensely worked EME on 23 cm (76 initials, 8 new DXCC, total 51). This band is still new for me on EME. Also starting preparing for 13 cm band EME . But no one knows, how long time we can use this band for amateur purposes…

The most bad thing – the 2 meter band become noisy and noisy! Sometimes, the noise level  rise up to S9 +5 db from some azimuth. Hard to work MS and EME, even tropo/ES is a problem! I am very close totally stop any operation on this band! Thanks, stil 70 and 23 cm bands are clear enough. Pity…

So, as far as I am mainly VHF and UP – man, look the summary results here.

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