KB7Q’s another big 23 cv EME expedition to rare states and grids

(All pictures are borrowed from http://kb7qgrid.blogspot.com/) and belongs to Gene.
I copied images just to remind to myself this great trip.

Unfortunately, I forgot to make all screen shots of my QSOs, but some of themes are below.

April 16, 2021 – EM45dh, Arkansas

kb7q_arcansasThrough a big pile-up I complete my QSO with Gene (EM45DH) at 15:53 utc.
1549 -24 2.8 776 #* KB7Q ES3RF KO29
Mode JT65C. As usual. he used his great portable setup, consists from 2.4M dish, 300 watts at feed, IC-9700.
Next event on 19th of April. State Mississippi.

April 18, 2021 – EM53cu Grenada Lake, Mississippi
First day of Gene’s expedition to Mississippi brought me a disappointing: 2.5 hour of calling him  – and never once did Gene answer me! But on the second day he started working on the Q65-30B and I managed to get it!
171930 -22 3.2 1028 : KB7Q ES3RF R-15
Below the screenshot of our QSO:


After 55 minutes in Q65-30B Gene compete 14 QSO and returned to JT65C mode.
Of course, a called him again and immediately got answer! Gene’s best was -14 db! Much stronger, than yesterday:
1842 -17 2.7 1146 ## ES3RF KB7Q EM53 OOO
Now I was completely satisfied!

His next stop in Alabama (EM64) – April 21 Start 2000z.
April 21, easy enough QSO – less than 1 hour calling among the “Big Guns”




  2115 -24 2.6 804 #* KB7Q ES3RF KO29

His next, and the last in this trip is Kentucky (EM77) – April 23 MR 2100z .
But, Gene informed us in the Moon-Net, as follows:
“Significant rain is forecast for Saturday.  Soaking the dish and having to store it wet doesn’t sound like a good idea – so I’ll compress the Kentucky operation into a one day effort – Friday, April 23 MR 2100Z. ” So, we must hurry! 

April 23, 2021 – EM77el – Mount Sherman, Kentucky
yes, this QSO was easy enough. Mode Q65-30B. So, all 6 states and 6 new grid squares.
From the Moon-net reflector: 
Yesterday I worked 45 stations from Kentucky to complete operations, and nudge several stations closer to W.A.S. The whole trip came off as planned with no equipment failures – I heard Murphy was resting after visiting the Texas power grid. :-)|

Excellent expedition. Thank you, Gene!

Gene summarized of his one months EME dx pedition:

State                Stations Worked
Arizona                11
New Mexico        34
Arkansas              51
Mississippi            54
Alabama               53
Kentucky              45      

Well done!

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