My Station

Short description of my HF-VHF-UHF-SHF antennas and equipment

Antenna farm
Mast I: 8×19 el. yagi for 432 MHz, full elevation. On the top 4×35 el for 1296 MHz and 145/435 Diamond X-400 vertical;
Mast II: 5 el. for 50 MHz and 7 el. for 70 MHz and dipole for 80m band;
Mast III:4 x 2M18XXX for 144 MHz. Elevation to 45 deg.
R8 Cushcraft on the house’s roof.

Another ves3rf_googlemapsiew to my antenna farm, made by Google in July 2011
I was very surprised, when found this image…


Equipment and software

HF bands:
Transceiver: YAESU FT-2000+SDR-IQ.
Kenwood TS-2000 and FT-1000MP, as a back up RIG.
Antennas: 80m – Dipole; 40-10m (included WARC) – vertical Cushcraft R-8.
PA: HL-1KFx (SSPA, 500W output, from Tokyo HY-Power)

50 MHz:
Transceiver: YAESU FT-2000+SDR-IQ and Kenwood TS-2000 as a back up RIG. Antenna: 5 el. yagi (Värgarda Radio).
PA: Home made dual band (50/70 MHz), GS31B.

70 MHz:
Transceiver: Modified YAESU FT-847 + LNA. 70W output.
Antenna: 7 el yagi YU7EF.
PA: Home made dual band (50/70 MHz), GS31B. Abt. 500W output.

144 MHz:
Setup 1: Kenwood TS-2000, FT-736R or YAESU FT-847 as a back up;
Setup 2: Transverter XV144 (Elecraft) + FT-2000 (IF 28 MHz) + SDR-IQ;
Preamp: Mast head, PA3BIY design.
PA1: Mirage B-5030-G (250 W). Using stay alone or as a driver for PA2.
PA2: GS35B (> 1KW output). Home build
Antenna: 4 x 2M18XXX. Limited elevation (45 degrees)

432 MHz:
Setup1: Transceiver Kenwood TS-2000. YAESU FT847 and FT-736R as a back up RIG;
Setup 2: Transverter XV432 (Elecraft) + FT-2000 (IF 28 MHz) + SDR-IQ;
Preamp: Mast head G4DDK
PA1: HL-250 Udx (SSPA, 250 W, from Tokyo HY-Power, Japan). Driver for PA2.
PA2: GS35B (around 1 KW output). Home build
Antenna: 8 x 19 el. (Värgarda) , full elevation

1296 MHz:
Setup1: Transverter 1296/28 (DEMI) + FT-2000 + SDR-IQ
Setup 2: Transceiver YAESU-736R
Preamp: Mast head WA2ODO
PA1: Home build SSPA 70 W
Antenna: 4 x 23CM35EZ (M2)

Coaxial cables:
144 MHz TX: LDF4-50 HELIAX. 23 m long;
144 MHz RX: 8D-FB. 23 m long
432 MHz TX: LDF4-50 HELIAX. 16 m long;
432 MHz RX: H-2000 Flex. 16 m long
1296 MHz TX: LDF4-50. 18 m. long
1296 MHz RX: H-2000 Flex, 18 m long

Rotators and controllers:
3 x YAESU G-1000SDX and DXC (Azimuth on all masts);
YAESU G-500A (Elevation of 432Mhz stack);
Home build rotator for elevation of 144 Mhz stack.
ARSWin by EA4TX, (Azimuth and elevation of antennas). Running under tracking programs.
PstRotator – Software for Antenna Rotators

Logging programs and other Software:
N1MM – logger for all HF contests;
CGLog2 – VHF and up contest logger by LY2CG. Very useful for NAC!
DX4WIN (ver. 8.05) – as a common HF and VHF log.
DXLab – trying to find alternative for DX4WIN
VQLog (ver. 3.129) – logger for VHF-UHF-SHF and satellites only.
Ham Radio DeLuxe (ver. Digital modes and satellite tracking;
This the last free version!
DX Atlas (ver. 2.3): for grid square statistic and mapping;
SpectraVue: running together with SDR-IQ. The latest version.
PstRotator: software for Antenna Rotators.
EME System (ver.7) by F1EHN. Tracking the Moon