Only one user – myself. Bought from YAESU representative in Tallinn, SOLLYNA OU in 1997.
100% working condition, never been in smoking area. Never repaired!!

Optionally installed the FT-1000MP IF Noise Reduction.
This option from INRAD boosts the front-end gain a few dB. The IF gain setting in menu item 9-1 is then reduced to compensate, and the radio’s background hiss is greatly reduced. The byproduct is increased sensitivity of 2-4 dB in noise floor reduction.The microphone MH-31B8 and instruction manual are included. No optional filters installed!
Price: Euro: 1150.-



1. “YAESU FT-1000MP HF Transceiver Technical Supplement” ,
factory printed edition. Price Euro: 15.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. TCXO-6. High frequency stability (0.25ppm @25 Deg C). Price Euro: 65.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFilters. Not installed and can be sold separately:
1. 2nd IF ( 8.2 Mhz) CW narrow filter YF-114CN (250 Hz). Price Euro: 95.-
2. 2nd IF (8.2 mHZ) SSB filter 2.1 KHz. (INRAD #709). Price Euro: 100.-
3. 3rd IF (455 khz) CW narrow filter XF-115C (500 Hz). Price Euro: 95.-
4. 3rd IF (455 khz) CW narrow filter YF-110CN (250 Hz). Price Euro: 95.-
5. 3rd IF (455 khz) CW narrow filter 400 Hz (INRAD #703). Price Euro: 100.-

 In case of interest, please ask by e-mail: genek(at)hot.ee