Yet another EME QSO with Malta.

So far I have had only one  EME QSO with Malta Island on 2 m band. It was 9H1PA on year 2009.  But several days ago one more station become active from 9H-land. This is 9H1TX, David. Today I was lucky to complete QSO with him in JT65B mode. “Not a big deal 9H. Europe is not a DX…” – can say some of HF-people…  But it quit rare land for EME chasers. Thanks for initial QSO, David!


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DXCC #163 (Madeira Island) confirmed

OH2BC had finished his one-week EME-pedition to Madeira Island.
Thank you, Kari!!


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W1AW’s QSL-cards collection

In 2014, ARRL members celebrated 100 years of “Advancing the Art and Science of Radio.” Founded in 1914, ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA and the largest organization of radio amateurs in the world.

The ARRL HQ station W1AW make a portable operation during the 2014 from all USA states and territories. I tried to work EME as many location, as possible. And now I’ve got a number of QSL card,  confirmed these QSOs. All QSO are made on 144 and 432 MHz.

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VK2APN’s Small DX_pedition to rare grid

Wayne, VK5APN, give us a good possibility to get rare square again. This time, 10th and 11th of February, 2017 he visited PF84 and PF85 squares. Unfortunately, my bad weather conditions and huge local noise on Saturday did not give me a chance to get PF85 square. But PF84 now in my collection (#945). 
As before, for portable operation Wayne using 2×9 elements YU7EF antennas, small SSPA, ICOM-706MK2 and 12 volts car’s battery. Look carefully on the picture, especially to the plate number. Real HAM spirit!!


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DXCC # 161 (KH2/W2AZ) and # 162 (E44CM) confirmed

Excellent QSL cards for my EME QSO on 144 and 432 MHz received. Nice designed with many pictures. We can see and enjoyed:

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Year 2016 statistic

Total QSO in year 2016 – 2248, including:
By Mode:
CW – 66.7%
Digital – 30.6%
Phone – 2.7%
HF bands: 1654
VHF and up bands: – 594
More detailed statistic on VHF bands.
by_bands by_modeby_propagation


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New QSL Cards received

cy9c-1 cy9c-2 jt0ytx1 jt0ytx2 xt2aft2xt2aft1

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My DXCC # 161 on 2m: E44CM (Palestine)


PA2CHR (Chris) and PA3FYC (Jos) made another expedition to rare DXCC country – Palestine – between 15 and 25 of November. Bands 144 and 432 Mhz. Operation on EME and MS/Tropo. They are started, as E44CM on 15-th from EME on 144.136 Mhz, JT65B mode. Bad QRG for me, because have strong noise and “birdies”on low elevation angles from the azimuth between 110 and 135 degrees. It was hard from the beginning, but finally E44CM’s signal become stronger and increased noise and birdies level. We completed QSO at 19:35, when elevation angle was over 13 degrees.
Next task – 432 Mhz. They will work on 70 cm during only one moon pass 19-20 of November. Let’s see…
e44cm_432… was easy! On 19th of November I was number seven, whom they answered with report -26 db at 21:22 utc. So, new DXCC on both band. Good deal!
Great job from Chris and Jos. During this expedition they made 336 initial EME QSO’s on 2 mtr. and 40 QSO’s on 70cm. Some pictures and EME log is here.

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DXCC #160 on 144 Mhz EME: XT2AFT (Burkina Faso)

New expedition of Hermann, DL2NUD, to Burkina Faso, was marred by a serious illness, as a result of which he was in the hospital for several days. Thus, unfortunately, some of planned activity was canceled. Practically, he could only work one moon pass, 23 rd of October on 144 Mhz.

The XT2AFT’s setup was, as follows:xt2aft_ant
144: 17 el. yagi M2, 350W, peamp
432: 38 el. yagi M2, 450W, preamp
1296: 55 el. yagi, 270W, preamp
2320: 67 el. yagi, 100W, preamp.

After hospital, Hermann worked only on on 144 Mhz during 23rd and partly 24th of October. Totally 77 QSO. I was lucky to complete QSO on 2M on 23rd of Oct. at 0238 utc. With report -25/-26 db.
Thank you, Hermann!


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DXCC # 159 on 2M EME. S9YY (St. Tome & Principe Isl.)

Group of German radio amateurs – DL1RPL, DL3RKS, DL1AWD, DL1AOB, DG5AA, DL6KVA, DJ5IW and DK8YY- made a big DXpedition to a Sao Tome and Principe Isl (S9). The call sign is S9YY. They are very active on all HF bands. But most importing for me is their EME activity on 144 and 432 Mhz. This is managed by Peter, DL1RPL.
He using 2x8XP yagi and Big Tajfun 1000 PA on 2m band and 2xEF7017 yagi and 400W SSPA on 70 cm band.
I was happs9yy_2y to work with Peter (DL1RPL) on the 2nd day of his activity on 144 mhz. His signal was excellent, but very quick Faraday rotation. So I had to wait, until can get his trace decoded on my screen. But than was no problem to complete QSO.
S9YY 144 Mhz EME log is here.
Next target – QSO on 70 cm. He attempted to QRV on 14th and 22nd of October. Let’s see…
YES! 14th of October, the S9YY QSO was completed on 432 Mhz too! Peter was not as good, as on 144 Mhz. Sure, I have a big problem on my RX. Of course, Peter has less ERP on 70 cm too, but, any way, he was at my screen on -30 to -28 db, but he heard me at -25db.
S9YY 432 Mhz EME log is here.


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