DXCC # 159 on 2M EME. S9YY (St. Tome & Principe Isl.)

Group of German radio amateurs – DL1RPL, DL3RKS, DL1AWD, DL1AOB, DG5AA, DL6KVA, DJ5IW and DK8YY- made a big DXpedition to a Sao Tome and Principe Isl (S9). The call sign is S9YY. They are very active on all HF bands. But most importing for me is their EME activity on 144 and 432 Mhz. This is managed by Peter, DL1RPL.
He using 2x8XP yagi and Big Tajfun 1000 PA on 2m band and 2xEF7017 yagi and 400W SSPA on 70 cm band.
I was happs9yy_2y to work with Peter (DL1RPL) on the 2nd day of his activity on 144 mhz. His signal was excellent, but very quick Faraday rotation. So I had to wait, until can get his trace decoded on my screen. But than was no problem to complete QSO.
S9YY 144 Mhz EME log is here.
Next target – QSO on 70 cm. He attempted to QRV on 14th and 22nd of October. Let’s see…
YES! 14th of October, the S9YY QSO was completed on 432 Mhz too! Peter was not as good, as on 144 Mhz. Sure, I have a big problem on my RX. Of course, Peter has less ERP on 70 cm too, but, any way, he was at my screen on -30 to -28 db, but he heard me at -25db.
S9YY 432 Mhz EME log is here.


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2016 is the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, one of the greatest writers in Universal History. His most iconic novel, “Don Quixote” is the most edited and translated book in all Literature History, just behind The Bible.

To commemorate this important event, the URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), member society of the IARU, is promoting the following special event, available to all licensed hams and SWLs worldwide

Contacts will be valid in any mode and band from 160 to 10 meters with the 14 stations using the special AN400 prefix. The suffixes of the 14 special event stations are the letters of each of the letters of the name of the author


Still I have time (till 9th of October) to fulfill the “Platinum Award”.


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New QSL-cards received

6y5az_26y5az_1 p40mb_1p40mb_2

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JT0YTX – Mongolia. My DXCC # 157 on 2m.

JT0ytx_1 Hard job! I was possible to complete QSO with JT0YTX only on 4th moon pass of theirs activity! If I had the opportunity to change the vertical polarization, the QSO would be held very quickly. But… I have only H-pol.

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DXCC # 155 – Aruba

Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the southerp40mb_qthn Carribbean Sea. Dithmar, DF7KF and Angelo, DM1AC made a 6 days expedition there. The call sign is P40MB from locator FK42XO. They have intention to operate Moon Bounce on 144 and 432 Mhz.


p40mb_2I was happy to may quck QSO in thr first operation day. P40MB signal was very strong: the best, I have seen, -18 db. In my QSO (#12 in thelist – less, than 1 hour calling in pile-up) they were -22 db. I’ve got -21 db.


Team was promised to QRV on 70 cm EME on the next weekend. I.e. 7th and 8th of May. Let’s see..


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9K2YM QSL card received

Very quick delivering via EA5KB QSL manager.

9k2ym+ 9k2ym2

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4S7BBG QSL card received


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9K2YM – DXCC # 154 on 2m EME and new WAS/grid on 70 cm EME


Yaser, 9K2YM, with his cat

Nice day today: new DXCC via Moon Bounce on 144 Mhz. 9K2YM, Yaser, makes me happy! As he said, today was his first day on EME after 10 years brake.
His signal was very changeable all the time! From -25db to -30 db and sometimes disappears totally. During our QSO, which we completed at 14:27 utc, the best was -26 db.
No screen shoot of this QSO: I simply forgot to make one.

Because after QSO immediately moved to 432 MHz for another great event: short DX-pedition to Rhode Island (RI) – is a very rare state and grid for “lunatics” US state. By the way, RI is only state, which I need for my WAS Award 2M band.
Call sign AA1KK from grid FN41DP. Probably, very good setup, because their signal reached -14 dB on 432.096. As far, as I know, they have 4x25FO and good power. QSO was easy and quick. They reported -13 for me. So, new grid and new state on 70 cm.

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DXCC # 153: J8/WW2DX (St. Vincent & Dep.).

J8/WW2DX Bequia Island: WW2DX, N2IEN, W2RE, KB2HZI are active from Bequia Island, Grenadine Islands (IOTA NA-025) 20 – 27 March 2016 as J8/WW2DX. Operate 160 – 2m CW, SSB, RTTY, EME.
On 2M band the equipment is: 2×9 el. Vertical polarization antenna and 1 kW amplifier.
To make this QSO I woke up at 3 am local time and was rewarded! It was easy QSO. Lee answeredj8_ww2dx_ me from the first call. May be because was not so big pile-up.
His signal was very strong. I watched him for another 20 minutes and signal was growing up to -16 db!
Thank you, Lee and the Team!
Full story is here.

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4S7BBG on 2m EME – my DXCC #152

Team of: OK1RI, OK1FFU, OK1DO, OK1NY, OK1JKT, OK1VVT, OK5MM +7x XYL make a small holiday style expedition in Sri Lanka. The callsign 4S7BBG. Mainly on HF bands, but they also Q4s7bbg_RV on 2m EME.
Small setup, IC-7000, 17 el. M2, 0.3 dB NF, 150W. Operator Vasek, OK1VVT.
I was lucky
to complete with 4S7BBG on 04-th of March at 04:57 UTC. His best was -29 db, but some times trace was -31 db and slightly drifted. Vasek informed in the chat, that my signal was -25 db.
More pictures regarding to EME activity are here: http://ok1vvt.rajce.idnes.cz/4S7BBG
On the 4s7bbg_next day, 5th of Mach, conditions were much better and his CQ some times was up to -22 db. I called him with my call sign ES1RF and he answered me from the first call (but same was yesterday, by the way). QSO was very quick (first QSO lasts 12 minutes). I’ve got -24 from Vasek.


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