EME DXPedition 3DA0MB

From 13 to 18 of October DXPedition 3DA0EME will QRV from Swaziland on 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3cm. Great choice, but as far, as I can operate EME only on 2M and 70cm, these two bands are most interesting for me. On 2M they have 4×9 el. H-pol, and on 70 cm 2×28 M2 yagi.

It was hard for me to complete Polarity offset, during first 4 hours was changed from -875 degrees! Sometimes I can see theirs trace only V-pol, sometimes H-pol.  I spent nearly 5 hours, before QSO was complete. They answered me one time, but did not get RO from me. So, I continued to call and was happy to get OOO again. This time we completed very quick!

Unfortunately, I even did not saw trace on 70 cm. So, only one band yet, but hope for 70 cm too.

Yes!! This morning was very easy QSO with 3DA0MB on 432.090. They answered me from my first call. His signal was -21 db, I;ve got -26 db.

Thus, I’ve got DXCC No. 167 (grid # 980) on 2M band and DXCC No. 52 (Grid #213) on 70 cm.

Thanks, Team!

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September tropo

Strong and lasting tropo on the last week of September.
September 26 below:


Till now 48 QSO on 144 and 432 MHz, 30 grid squares and 8 DXCC

September 27 below:




Summary for 27 of September: 33 QSO, 24 grids and 10 DXCC on 144 and 432 MHz

On 28 of September all day I was busy and decided to try 23 cm band on the late evening.  I have some issue on this band, perhaps in the mast head box (RX/TX coaxial relay). After 1st successful QSO with SK0EN I tried several stations from OH/SM, but problem comes back, unfortunately…. Nothing interesting  on 144 and 432 on this evening.

09/24/201718:53OH6RMKP32FP59592 m.SSB391
09/24/201718:59SM7GVFJO77GA5795592 m.CW644
09/24/201719:10SK0ENJO99JX5995992 m.CW343
09/24/201719:16LY2WRKO25FO5995992 m.CW403
09/24/201719:22OH1NDKP00XL5795792 m.CW207
09/24/201719:44YL2GPKO27AA5995992 m.CW249
09/24/201720:34SM0KAKJO89XK5595592 m.CW383
09/25/201718:18R1AJKO59DO59592 m.SSB318
09/25/201718:20R1DXKO59EW5995992 m.CW328
09/25/201718:23UA1ANAKO59EW57572 m.SSB328
09/25/201718:25RM1AKO59BU59592 m.SSB313
09/25/201718:31RA1ASKP60DC57572 m.SSB436
09/25/201718:42SM5KYUJO89IP5995992 m.CW454
09/25/201719:03EW7TKO53EV5595592 m.CW686
09/25/201719:05UA1WCFKO54JR5595592 m.CW621
09/25/201719:08RA3LBWKO64AT55552 m.SSB661
09/25/201719:11OH1JJKP10EJ59592 m.SSB184
09/25/201719:15OH1LTKP00XO57572 m.SSB216
09/25/201719:22OH6KTLKP02OJ59592 m.SSB400
09/25/201720:11OH7RJKP32TV5795792 m.CW437
09/25/201720:48OH4MVHKP32PG5995992 m.CW366
09/26/201716:22RA1TMKO67OX5995992 m.SSB511
09/26/201716:26SK2AUKP04LQ5995992 m.CW637
09/26/201716:36RN3FKO86RE59959970 cmCW828
09/26/201716:39OH1NDKP00XL59959970 cmCW207
09/26/201716:43UA3XACKO85HC5795792 m.CW850
09/26/201716:47R3CTKO86QF5995992 m.CW821
09/26/201716:56RO3XKO73FU5995992 m.CW843
09/26/201717:01YL2LWKO26CW5995992 m.CW256
09/26/201717:02RN3FKO86RE5995992 m.CW828
09/26/201717:05UA3WMKO72QI59955592 m.CW12
09/26/201717:36EU1AIKO33SU5995992 m.CW622
09/26/201717:38LY2HSKO25UO5995992 m.CW407
09/26/201717:43EW1KPKO33TW5995992 m.CW615
09/26/201717:49UR5LXKO70WK5995992 m.CW207
09/26/201717:54UR5LXKO70WK59959970 cmCW207
09/26/201718:15EW1KPKO33TW59959970 cmCW615
09/26/201718:22RW3TJLO16XF59959970 cmCW185
09/26/201718:28RA3VGVLO06PI575970 cmSSB30
09/26/201718:53R1NWKP51HU59959970 cmCW435
09/26/201719:31UR3EEKN885995992 m.CW434+-
09/26/201719:40EW6FSKO35LB5995792 m.CW483
09/26/201719:42EW6AFKO55CE5695792 m.CW558
09/26/201719:45UA3LIDKO64CN5995992 m.CW689
09/26/201719:49RN3DKQKO85WI5995992 m.CW898
09/26/201719:53RN3DKQKO85WI55955970 cm. CW898
09/26/201720:20UX4IJKN88TR5795992 m.CW435
09/26/201720:25RD3FDKO95CO5995792 m.CW901
09/27/201707:11SO3ZJO82LJ5995792 m.CW899
09/27/201707:11UT8ALKO61WP5795792 m.CW20
09/27/201707:43UT8ALKO61WP59959970 cmCW20
09/27/201707:50EW6DXKO45JL5995992 m.CW483
09/27/201708:28SM2CEWKP15CR59959970 cmCW734
09/27/201708:30SM3AKWJP92AO59957970 cmCW520
09/27/201710:36OH6WDKP23WC5995992 m.CW435
09/27/201717:49EW8WKO42TO5995992 m.CW797
09/27/201717:53SM2JAEKP05SG5995992 m.CW691
09/27/201717:56EW2BZKO34OD5995792 m.CW585
09/27/201718:00EW2AFKO34PA5995992 m.CW600
09/27/201718:02R3LWKO54MQ5995992 m.CW634
09/27/201718:09LA0BYJO59FW58955970 cmCW804
09/27/201718:26SP2CNWJO93AI5795792 m.CW771
09/27/201718:33UA2FLKO04FQ5995992 m.CW567
09/27/201718:36R2FADKO04FW5995992 m.CW542
09/27/201718:39SP2QBQJO49FL59959970 cmCW919
09/27/201718:40SP2WPYJO94FL59959970 cmCW650
09/27/201718:43SP2HHXJO94HI5995992 m.CW656
09/27/201718:49EW6XKO45IM59959970 cmCW477
09/27/201718:51OH4EAKP32PG59959970 cmCW366
09/27/201719:03OH7HXHKP53HG5995992 m.CW549
09/27/201719:08LY2BBFKO24PR5995992 m.CW501
09/27/201719:09LY2GKKO24PR5995992 m.CW501
09/27/201719:14SP8NRKO12NA5995992 m.CW807
09/27/201719:17OH7MFOKP33MQ5995992 m.CW511
09/27/201719:25OH5IYKP30HV59959970 cmCW214
09/27/201720:09OH7RJKP32UV595970 cmCW438
09/27/201720:12UA1AJYKO49UR59959970 cmCW288
09/27/201720:26LY2WRKO25FO595970 cmSSB403
09/27/201720:37LY3AKO25DB575570 cmSSB464
09/27/201720:50OK2BFHJN99JQ58957970 cmCW126
09/27/201721:08EW8CNKO42KP5995992 m.CW776
09/28/201719:25SK0ENJO99JX59956923 cmCW343
Number ofQSO listed:82

to be continued….

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Another rare grid

LB6GG Hans will run portable EME on 144 MHz from two locations in KQ50
square, during late summer and autumn of 2017. He intent to start around July 20-22 and will be QRV until November 20 – depending on weather conditions. 
This will be a “QRP” expedition.
PWR around 450W into 2 x 2.4wl DK7ZB. Rx: LNA NF=0.5 dB

Hans was started, as expected, 21st of July. Conditions were poor enough after strong Aurora last night, but he completed his firsts EME QSO from KQ50kg square. His signal on my screen was very variable: from -23 to -27 db (rarely) to -30/31 db the most time.
I was unlucky at his first day.
Next day (22nd of July) was more successful for me: after his trace become solid on my screen, I called him and got immediate answer! 

This QSO gave me grid # 968 0n 2 M band.

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Vacation in Lithuania

Good to make some holidays even if you retired. On this year my wife and me decided to improve our health in Lithuania. On this year we booked room in sanatorium “Belarus” for two weeks. Room is in the 10th floor with a balcony. Ideal for HAM!
This time I took with me FT-847 with a automatic tuning antenna system ATAS-100 with a new universal support. Now I can mount this antenna very firmly to a round balcony railing.

My callsign was LY/ES3RF. WW-locator: KO14XA. I made around 70 QSO on HF and 6M band. Maimly CW mode.

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Good E-sporadic opening

Practically, whole day 6M band was open. I have not much time to spend in the shack, but, anyway 39 initial callsigns on 6M and 3 on 4M band. Mostly CW and a few JT65A.

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4O3EME – EME expedition to Montenegro

The group of Slovenian HAMs (S50P, S57C, S53RM, S57VW, S55OO) made a short 2m EME dxpedition. 144 MHz only, but in very interesting way: they will TX i.e. 144.105 horizontally and 144.145 vertically 1st period. Only one polarization QSO will be made.
I tried to listen on both QRG, but can hear 4O3EME only on 144.143 and H-pol.
Good signal and easy QSO. It was not new DXCC ornew grid for me. Just a new EME initial from rare country.


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My DXCC # 164: D44TU – Cape Verde

The well known “X-Team” ( DF2ZC, Bernd and DH7FB, Frank) made another great EME DX-pedition to a Republic of Cape Verde. They are planned to be active for 4 days (since 30th of April till 3rd of May). Mainly on 144 MHz EME.
I was lucky to work themes on the first day. Easy QSO as they are great operators!
Thus I’ve got DXCC # 164 on 144 MHz.
But team has intention to activate 70 cm also with a small setup. Let’s see…

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Small “jubilee”

Today, 2nd of April, 2017 I made 950th grid square (DO24TC) and 1400th initial (DH9OK) via EME on 2M band. This was achieved during 10 years of my activity on 2M EME and happened at the same day. Statistically it looks, as follows:

  •  1999: 1st 2M EME QSO with W5UN (CW) using Satellite setup.
  • 1999-2003:                          no EME activity.
  • 2004-2006: 28 initials.     Building up station, antennas, masts, PA
  • 2007-2008: 56 initials,      and lot of other things, including 
  • 2008-2009: 29 initials,     intermediate testings.
  • 2009-2010: 261 initials,
  • 2010-2011: 152 initials,
  • 2011-2012: 142 initials,
  • 2012-2013: 106 initials,
  • 2013-2014: 138 initials,
  • 2014-2015: 178 initials,
  • 2015-2016: 135 initials,
  • 206-2017:  133 initials,
  • 2017 till now: 59 initials.

Average, 135 initials in the year.
I wonder if I can continue at this rate further?

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Yet another EME QSO with Malta.

So far I have had only one  EME QSO with Malta Island on 2 m band. It was 9H1PA on year 2009.  But several days ago one more station become active from 9H-land. This is 9H1TX, David. Today I was lucky to complete QSO with him in JT65B mode. “Not a big deal 9H. Europe is not a DX…” – can say some of HF-people…  But it quit rare land for EME chasers. Thanks for initial QSO, David!


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DXCC #163 (Madeira Island) confirmed

OH2BC had finished his one-week EME-pedition to Madeira Island.
Thank you, Kari!!


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