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 I am more or less active on all HF bands from 160 to 10 meters.

 Below are shown results of my activity on HF bands, regarding to ARRL DXCC Award Program
(Current & Deleted). 
The report was created 21.02.2010. by DW4WIN (7.07.02)

By Mode

Mode Worked
MIX 303 276
Phone 223 180
CW 285 258
RTTY 174 123
Mode Total 682 561

                 By Bands 

Band  Worked Confirmed
160 m 126 92
80 m 155 126
40 m 191 136
30 m 167 121
20 m 229 189
17 m 173 120
15 m 209 171
12 m 165 120
10 m 193 142
Band Total 2039 1552


             Remark: C&D - Current and Deleted countries; C - only Current countries    

To view detailed DXCC Award country list click here   


My formed "antenna farm" on the roof of 5-floors building in Tallinn (KO29IJ) - click on the picture in the left upper corner of this page. Unforturnatelly, this setup not exist any more. The roof was reconstructed in 2005 and all antennas were taken away...
Picture has been made in March, 2004. The antenna Cushcraft R-7000 is replaced by Cushcraft R-8 (picture below). The last one works much better!
The main mast has 4 x 9 elements yagi for 2-m band, 4 x 19 elements yagi for 70-cm band and
70 cm diameter dish for 13 cm band (Satellite AO-40 downlink).
And also dipoles for 80-and 40-m bands, which is hard to find on the picture between all other wires! 
<--- This is vertical multi-band half-wave antenna, type R-8 Cushcraft on the supported mast.

Bands: 6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40-meters. Full covering of all bands (50 khz on 30m) with a good SWR.
Power rating, CW: 1500 W;
Height:  8.7m
This antenna now installed and used on my QTH in Vilivere vilidge.
                            All characteristics are made by Mini-VNA. Please follow to this link.



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