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Station setup and software

 HF Bands
 (WARC incl.)
RX./TX 2
 PA 1
YAESU FT-2000 (100W) + IF2000 + SDR-IQ
YAESU FT-1000MP (IF2 & 3 filters full set)
HL-1KFx (MOS-FET, 500 W output, "Tokyo HY-Power")
160m: - Inv-L;
 80m:  - Inv-V;
40-10m (incl. WARC): - R-8 (vert. "Cushcraft")
50 MHz RX/TX
 GS-31B (>500 W) Home build
 5 el. (Värgarda)
70 MHz RX/TX
FT-847 (modified), 70 W output
GS31B (400W), Home build
7 el. yagi (ef-4070A) by YU7EF
144 MHz  RX/TX 
 RX/TX 2
 PA 1 
 PA 2
 Kenwood TS-2000, YAESU FT-847 and FT-736R
 Transverter XV144 (Elecraft) + FT-1000MP (IF 28 MHz)
 MVV-144 (3SK121 from "SHF-Elektronik", 0.4 db) 
 Mirage B-5030-G (250 W). Using as a driver for PA2.
 GS35B (> 1KW output) Home build
 4 x 2M18XXX. Limited elevation (45 degrees)
 432 MHz  RX/TX 
 Kenwood TS-2000,  YAESU FT847, FT-736R
Ttansverter XV432 (Elecraft) + FT-1000MP (IF 28 MHz)
 MVV-432 (3SK121 from "SHF-Elektronik", 0.7 db) 
 HL-250 Udx (250 W, "Tokyo HY-Power")
 8 x 19 el. (Värgarda) , Full elevation
1296 MHz  RX/TX 1
 Antenna 1
 FT-1000MP + X-verter 1296/28 (Down East Microwave Inc.),
 MVV-1296 (SHF-Elektronik, 1.1 db) I am not satisfied of that!
 70 W Transistors. Home build
 4 x 23CM35EZ (M2)
Coaxial Cables 144 Mhz TX
144 Mhz RX
432 Mhz TX
432 Mhz RX
1296 Mhz
 LDF4-50 HELIAX.  23 m long;
 8D-FB. 23 m long
 LDF4-50 HELIAX.  16 m long;
 H-2000 Flex. 16 m long               
 TX/RX:  H-2000 Flex. 18 m. long
(temporary not active)
 and  preamp. 
Antenna 2
 FT847 + DB6NT down converter (2401/145 MHz)
 145 Mhz: 2x 9 el. cross-yagi. Preamp. IC-25 on the mast;
 435 Mhz: 2x19 el. cross-yagi Preamp. IC-35 on the mast;
Antennas mounted on dielectric boom with full elevation.
60 cm dish with 12m of H100 cable  (dismounted now)
0.01-30.0 MHz SDR receiver SDR-IQ From RFSPASE, Inc. Using as a panoramic indicator for 2-nd IF of FT-736 (13.69 mhz) and panadater for FT1000MP, when using together with VHF/UHF/SHF transverters.
Meteor scatter DTR Digital tape recorder by DF7KF for HSCW MS;
MS-Soft by OH5IY, version 5.1
  For meteor showers prediction, geometry, sked manager and TX keying.
 KENWOOD TH-D7A(G2) HT Transceiver
 YAESU FT-817 + AGW (Sound card)
 YAESU FT-817 1.8 - 435 Mhz All mode. (5 W max.)
 ATAS-100 (Car mounted),  magnetic loop and different wires
 Rotators and  Controllers .  3 x YAESU G-1000SDX (Azimuth), YAESU G-500A (Elevation 432Mhz), home build for 144 Mhz.
 KCT (Azimuth and elevation for satellite antennas).
 EA4TX ARSWin, (Azimuth and elevation of antennas). Running under F1EHN's "EME System" program.
 Software Contests HF
Contest VHF
DX Atlas
Sat Tracking

MS and EME

RX/TX CAT &Doppler correction
N1MM Logger by Tom,  N1MM. Free program
VHF Logger ver.1.21 by Ulf, SM0LCB. Free program
Version 8.05. My main electronic log for HF and common log.
Ver 3.1B by Gabriel, EA6VQ. My main electronic log  for VHF
Version 2.25 by VE3NEA
Nova for Windows32. DemoVersion 2.2b

WSJT  version 7.0 r.996 (JT6M), ver. 9.02  (some new modes)

Ham Radio Deluxe  ver. 5.0 by Simon Brown, HB9DRV




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