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 My interest to QRP operation appears in January, 2002 after I have bough nice, real pocket size transceiver HF/VHF/UHF YAESU FT-817.
It gave me possibility to be in a "HAM life" all the time: when I drive my car, from the hotel during the business trip, or somewhere else.
 It has 5 watts output on all HF bands + 6 meter + 144/432 MHz
and all modes (CW, SSB, FM and digital modes).  And it very suitable as IF (Intermediate Frequency) for transverters.


Antenna ATAS-100 on the car's trunk. I've build up small
controller for manual remote of ATAS-100
Now I can use one with my FT-817 and any other transceivers.



 ES1RF/mm on board of ferry "KORGELAID" in the Baltic Sea, close to Hiiumaa Island (IOTA EU-034)
YAESU FT-817+ATAS-100 antenna (on the car's roof). The best QRB with this setup was EA8AF (4600 km).
How I using ATAS-100 with my FT-817 - please read this article.


CranCanar_01.JPG (64004 bytes)December 2002. Holidays on Gran Canaria Island.
My YAESU FT-817 with home made ATU and whip antenna on the hotel's balcony.
The whip (CB antenna) adjusted with a home made mini-tuner.



Here is fragment of the record in my log-book (DX4WIN), regarding to operation from island Gran Canaria.
Just with 1,4 meters long antenna. No comments...

 ea8_log.gif (11324 bytes)




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