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Find your QTH Locator (or grid square) with GoogleMaps.
Of course, you need to be connected to Internet!
1. Click the follows link  http://no.nonsense.ee/qthmap/

2. Using the navigation bar find you place.
3. Simply, left click on the place and read the data.

The main interest in my HAM activity belongs for VHF/UHF/SHF communications via
Tropo/Aurora, Meteor scatter, EME, satellites for DXing on 50MHz and above.
For me it is no question, what I prefer to get: 100 QSO on 14-21 MHz with the HAMs,
who are several thousands kilometers away or 1-2  QSO for few hundred kilometers
on 432 or 1296 MHz  or simply to get new WW QRA-locator on 50 - 1296 MHz.
I will always prefer VHF!
And this is very seldom, when I have QSO with the same station more, than 2 times on the same band...
May be, just to talk with a good old friends!

There are results of my activity on VHF/UHF/SHF
Report generated by VQ Log 3
Updated: 03.08.2012

Band Square Fields DXCC The best ODX (km) by type of propagation
50 535 535 45 45 103 103   488 4770 1803   1731 9509 11557 977 -
70   161  14 14   34 2 357 4624 1311 1675 2043    
144 742 479 78 13 115 45   1712 2206 1891   2197 1418 17169
432 113 105 5 3 25 18   1572 - 1020   1601   8343
1296   50   5   12   1290            

Legend: T+E  - Terrestrial+EME; 
               T    - Only Terrestrial
               X    - Cross band (70/50 or 70/144 Mhz)

More details:

More statistics

Playing with antennas.
Using the same mast, I change from time-to-time my VHF antennas setup, depending of the needs.

          1                    2                    3                    4
Temporary antennas.
1. Summer 2006. 2M18XXX (2m), 2x19 el (70cm), 4x35 el (23 cm)
2. May, 2007. 5 el. (6m), 4x19 el (70cm), 4x35 el (23 cm); Vertical for 144/432 MHz (Diamond X-400)
3. November, 2007. 4 x 2M18XXX with original 4 port divider and phasing cables from M2 Antenna System, Inc.
                              Some pictures, step by step, how I built this array
4. December, 2007. 8 x 19 el, full elevation (70 cm); 4 x 35 el (23 cm); Vertical for 144/432 MHz (Diamond X-400)
                                       Probably, I will not change tis setup at least for 1 year.





            The 4 METER BAND IN ESTONIA!!!

Starting from the 23 of December, 2007, Estonian amateurs can work on 4 meter band.
Power output for holders of A-class license is 1 KW.

Frequency, MHz Mode Usage
70.000-70.050   Beacons


Telegraphy (CW) & SSB
70.150 MS (Meteor) Calling
70.185 Crossband center of activity
70.200 CW/SSB Calling

 It gives me new opportunity to discover this new band.
Although not many Europeans countries using this band, it is always interesting to get new VHF band!
Please, have a look on the band allocation plan, and you can understand, that is not possible
to get DXCC Award on that band. The band allocation picture is published by Bo, OZ2M  on the site:

          International 70 MHz allocations
                               Published on 1 February 2012 by Bo OZ2M

Look like to start on this band quickly is not so easy.
First of all I even did not know nothing about International 70 MHz allocation, how to
operate and what to expect from band, which is between well known 50 and 144 MHz...
And so on, and so on....
All answers I found on the great WEB resource http://www.70mhz.org

Another thing is the equipment.
Because practically no commercially manufactured RIG and amateurs must to build transverters
and power amplifiers.
 But I was much lucky!
 I have YAESU FT-847, which was modified for a proper job on 70 MHz band.
The modification was quiet easy. It was very well described by Mark, PA1O and it has been done
during 1 weekend. As a result, I've got 60 watt output on TX, but RX has not enough sensitivity.
So, friend of mine, Hellar, ES1II did installed 1 stage peamplifier (3SK121) inside FT-847.
Also I plan to build the transistor's PA. To get at least 100-150 watts and make "more easy life"
for transceiver's PA.

Antenna. After learning all materials on the site http://70mhz.org, I decided to try 5 element yagi
by Popa, YU7EF. It was also easy to build, because Popa was so kind and recalculated all elements
dimensions regarding to my materials.

(measured by miniVNA)

I installed that antenna on the mast, below the group of 8 x 19 el. yagis for 432 MHz.

(picture made on 12.05.08)

Here is list of my completed initial (first time worked) QSOs on 70 mhz.

And here is table the "Firsts" on 70 MHz regarding to Estonia.
(Published on http://www.70mhz.org/firsts.htm), standing on 03-08-2012



Country DXCC Home Callsign DX Callsign Date UTC Propagat QSL Notes
 Aaland Islands  OH0  ES3RF  OH5LID/0  2010-07-14  0711  MS/T    
 Belgium  ON  ES3RF  ON4PS  2009-11-24  2110  MS    
 Croatia  9A  ES3RF  9A1Z  2008-02-11  1640  MS    
 Czech Republic  OK  ES3RF  OK1CO  2008-02-28  1453  MS    
 Denmark  OZ  ES3RF  OZ3ZW  2008-02-08  1011  MS    
 Eire  EI  ES1II/8  EI3IO  2008-05-25  1423  Es    
 England  G  ES3RF  G4DEZ  2008-02-08  1232  MS    
 Estonia  ES  ES5AM  ES5QA  2007-12-23  0701  Tr    
 Faeroe Islands  OY  ES3RF  OY3JE  2008-03-02  1414  MS    
 Finland  OH  ES1CW  OH3UW  2009-11-07  1554  T    
 Germany  DL  ES3RF  DI2PM  2008-02-08  1132  MS    
 Greece  SV  ES3BR  SV2DCD  2008-05-25  1130  Es    
 Guernsey  GU  ES1CW  GU6EFB  2010-05-27  1931  Es    
 Isle of Man  GD  ES3RF  GD0TEP  2008-02-14  2010  MS    
 Italy  I  ES3RF  I3VWK  2008-05-11  0426  MS    
 Jersey  GJ  ES3RF  GJ4ISM/P  2009-08-12  2055  MS    
 Luxemburg  LX  ES3RF  LX1FX  2008-02-29  1635  MS    
 Netherlands  PA  ES2RF  PA2CHR  2012-01-01  1716  MS    
 Northern Ireland  GI  ES1II/8  GI4KSO  2008-05-24  1509  Es    
 Norway  LA  ES3RF  LA4LN  2009-11-14  2145  MS    
Poland SP ES3RF SP2JYR 2012-06-06 2000 MS    
 Portugal  CT  ES3RF  CT1HZE  2008-07-02  1034  Es    
 Romania  YO  ES3RF  YO5PBG  2011-06-10  16:10  Es    
 San Marino  T7  ES2JL  T70A  2010-06-19  1634  Es    
 Scotland  GM  ES3RF  GM4ISM  2008-02-14  0558  MS    
 Slovakia  OM  ES3BR  OM5KM  2009-06-29  1636  Es    
 Slovenia  S5  ES3RF  S51DI  2008-02-08  1503  MS    
 Spain  EA  ES3RF  EA1YV  2010-05-27  2056  Es    
 Svalbard & Bear Isl.  JW  ES3RF  JW7QIA  2010-07-02  1805  AU-Es    
 Wales  GW  ES3RF  GW8ASD  2008-02-11  1256  MS    




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