144 Mhz array 4x2M18XXX

All this job had been done in August – September,  2007.

But now, 9 years later, i need to do something, because feel, that the system become degrades…
My wishes to do: to change coaxial cables (both, TX and RX feeders), replace LNA, replace RX/TX coaxial relay, to add one M218XXX yagi in vertical polarisation (and, respectively, to add coaxial switch to change from V to H polarization for TX and RX). Not sure, that the last task is clever, but I will try. And it gave me a lot of additional work!!

October 2016. I started from digging trenches for laying all new cables underground: RFA 7/8″-50 (TX feeder), 8DFB (RX feeder) and the control cable. Both coaxial are 28 meters long. Few day later I started to prepared new mast head box for all relays and LNA. Also assembling 1x 2M18XXX for vertical polarization. And preparation of all feeders, jumpers and so on…

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December 2016. Winter become, but not so much snow yet and not so cold (-2 degrees at the day and -7 at the night). Additional antenna on the frame and mast head box on the place.