QSL info

For my both call signs (ES1RF and ES3RF) as well, as for portable operation, I using the the same address for QSL exchange.


Gennadi Klevtsov
A.-H.Tammsaare tee, 70-57
Tallinn, 13413
QSL policy:
I  answer 100% for all received QSL cards. If card received via the bureau, or one received direct, but without return postage fee, I will answer via the buro. Usually I visiting our QSL-buro 4-5 times in a year. So, sometimes QSL-exchange could take around 2 years. All QSL-card, which received direct with SAE and returned postage fee (2 U.S.D, or 2 Euro, or 1 valid IRC), I answering direct during 3-5 days.
I always send first and direct my QSL-cards for a new DXCC on VHF and UP bands with SAE and return postage fee (cash, IRC or via PayPal)!
I confirm 100% of all my QSO on all band via LOTW.
Also, several time in a year I upload my log to eQSL.cc. Because some HAMs using e_QSL exchange for some purposes. Me personally not interesting in e_QSL!
main address: genek (at) hot.ee
rare used: es3rf (at) mail.ru, es1rf_gene@gmail.com