Very short distance EME QSO

Is possible to work Moon Bounce for a very short distances?
Yes, of course! And this is easy enough!
If other station is very close to you, even around few tens kilometers,
but has a EME-setup, you must firstly to find his signal, bounced form the Moon surface
and “freeze” that by double clicking on waterfall trace.  This trace is away from the tropo signal
on size of a doppler-shift.
And that’s all!
Than just follow the standard EME procedure and you can complete the QSO.

Below is the screen shot, which demonstrate my QSO with OH4LA.
OM Pasi is only 117 km from me!
Here is the standard screen of WSJT7 for Mode JT65B

OH4LA_ EMEExplanation to the picture:
1. EME:
CQ OH4LA KP20 – Moon bounced signal on -250 Hz (doppler-shift) away from QRG;
ES3RF OH4LA KP20 OOO 1 10 – “Strait signal” DF -8;
3. Same, as 1, but EME;
4. RRR via EME and line above – same via TROPO