OJ0EME – EME DX-pedition to the Market Reef

SebasPicture the courtesy of OJ0EME blogtian DG5CST, Roland DK4RC and Norbert DL4DTU plan from 18.6. 2023 to 24.06.2023 QRV from loc. JP90NH Market Reef with the call OJ0EME.  As we knows, this rare country has never been presented on 23 cm EME!
“Finish SARL told Sebastian, that’s the first ever license they ever published for OJ0 and sadly it will be be the last!”  – this is a quote from the expedition blog
The expedition’s equipment for 23 cm band is 3m dish and 150W SSPA.
It was easy QSO. They are answered me from the first my call.
So, new DXCC (#66) and a great fun!
The Team is also QRV on microwave bands: 13, 9, 6 and 3 cm.
The expedition page with a pictures and log is here.

I worked with OJ0EME one more time by my second callsign ES1RF on the last expedition day. It was  just for the fun. And below is the final expedition’s result. I took this table from the expedition’s site for the analysis purposes: 

Band            Total QSO     Init.        CW QSO 
432 MHz        35 QSOs     INITs 33      cw    1
1,296GHz    151 QSOs  INITs 127  cw   15
2,3GHz             19 QSOs    INITs 17       cw   4
3,4GHz             22 QSOs   INITs 15       cw   9
5,7GHz           36 QSOs INITs 25    cw   13
10GHz             51 QSOs INITs 42    cw   10
24GHz                 2  QSOs  INITs  2        cw   1 SSB 1
47GHz                  1 QSO     INIT 1           SSB 1

Seems, they did not worked on 144 MHz.  But the most popular EME band is 1296 MHz, next 10 GHz, and next 5,7 GHz.

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