Back to 4 meter band.

After 6 years of silence on 4 meter band I decided to back on this “# two magic band”. My antenna for this band was dismantled and PA disassembled.
6 years ago I used for this band my old and trusty YAESU FT-847 s modified for 70 mhz. Now I have YAESU FTdx 101MP  with output 50 Watts on 4 meter. So, I started again on 26th of May. 2023 with a new RIG and 7 el. YU7EF antenna. Not surprised, that the “analog” (CW and SSB) part of band was empty, as well, as on 6 meter band. But FT8 frequency was full of stations! Nothing interesting, but good for start after 6 years break!





So far my achievements on 4 meter are:
DXCC – 47, Squares – 262, Fields – 15.
Hope to add my results during tis season.

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