PJ2T (Curacao Isl.) and JD1YCC (Ogasawara Isl.) on 23 cm EME

Great news: Gene, KB7Q going to visit Curacao Island for 23 cm EME DXpedition. His portable setup: 1.8 meter folding dish (W2HRO construction) and 350 watt @ feed. Usually he traveling with a 2.4 m folding dish, but this time he will use PJ2BR’s dish. for me – this setup is enough for quick QSO. But, not this time: He there and me here have a very bad weather condition – strong wind! Gusts of wind up to 30 km/h are rocked my parabolic antenna, which gear was damaged around 2 weeks ago during a heavy snowfall and subsequent icing. But anyway, after 1,5 hour of my struggle with antenna and wind we completed QSO with Gene. I’ve got his signal at -28 db, and he hear me on -21 db. It gave me DXCC # 64 on 23 cm.

And another deal: today and tomorrow on 23 cm will be activated the Ogasawara Island (JD1/O). WW-Loc: QL17cb.  The EME operator is Kay-san, JH3AZC. And again it could be a problem for me, because still strong wind and short common EME window. And they are only 2 days on 23 cm. Let’s see…


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