Samuel Morse – was born 230 years ago!

For me, the CW – the Morse Code – operation in the air is a number ONE forever! This a real HAM spirit mode of operation! Of course, all other modes of operation on the air have the right to be, but radio amateur communication appeared exactly in this form.

The Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) commemorates the 230th anniversary of the birth of the creator of Morse code. The name of SAMUEL MORSE shall be put together from the contacts made with the callsigns representing each letter. Since some letters occur twice in the name, there will also be a joker station with a callsign of HA230MSE, which can be used to replace the callsigns containing the second M, S, and E. It is enough to work with this station once as well.
Callsign:  HA230MSE, HA230S, HA230A, HA230M, HA230U, HA230E, HA230L, HA230O, HA230R
I started my hunting for the award on 20th and finished on 26th of April. Sure, it was not hard operation. Only from time-to-time in the air. Of course, all QSO were made by CW with every callsign on different bands, excluding HA230MSE. This callsign I could not find on CW. But easy on SSB.  And I did not used HA230MSE, as a joker! Anyway,  I’ve got the Award!



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