Year 2022 started and results of 2021.

Yes, new 2022 year is started. For my shame, I did not touched  my WEB site over 8 moths. Why – can not say. Although, many events happened in passed year. The main – I stopped EME on 2 meter. The reason – huge level of “electronics smog” in my area. It depend from the time of a day, but never gone!  Much less on 70 cm and nill on 23 cm.
It means, for a nearest future I will QRV only on 70 and 23 cm bands.
So, I dismantled my 4 x 2M18XXX array and, hope, it doing great job at another owner.
On this mast now are: 9 el long yagi for 6 M band (12 meter long) and HF antenna DXer-206 (20-17-15-12-10 M bands). Picture of the new antennas is below:

DXer-206 and 9 el for 6M






Another event: I had new power amplifier for 23 cm band. This is 
from KUHNE electronic. It gives me new level of EME operation on 23 cm!

So, results of my EME activity on 2021.

All bands EME QSO: 315
Band            QSOs       Inits     Grids   ODX
144 MHz:      12               8                     QRT!
432 MHz:     62              50         45      14631 km (VK4EME)
1296 MHz:  241            125        105     15059 km (VK2JDS)

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